OUR TRAVEL TO IRELAND (1º ESO the bilingual group)

The bilingual group of 1º ESO have been in Dublin from 26th to 30th, April. The trip has been fantastic. They have enjoyed a lot and they have improved their English a lot too.

The first place we went was the National Wax Museum after going to buy the teddy bears in Dundrum. It was really necessary. The museum was one of the best things we enjoyed there. We passed through the horror area. It was very scary but funny.

That day we also went to the Trinity College. We visited the Kells Book. It is a very important book for the Celtic Christianity. There is also a huge library.

We wanted to go to the Dublin Castle before going to the hotel. Noa had to guide us to get there, but she didn’t know how to find it. Finally, we got it. In the castle there were paintings on the walls and a lot of expensive furniture covered by gold.

On Friday we went to Dublinia. It is a museum that shows the history of Dublin during the Middle Ages.

After that we went to the Christ Church Cathedral because it was close to Dublinia. It is one of the two cathedrals there are in Dublin..

In the afternoon, we had organised a boat cruise through Liffey River, but the boat was broken so we went to the Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre.

Saturday was our last day on Dublin. We went to the Dublin Zoo. We saw a lot of animals. My favourite was the Rhino. They are huge!

When we came back to the centre, we went to the other cathedral in Dublin: St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I think this one was bigger than the other.

On Sunday we woke up at 4:00 because the bus that took us to the airport arrived at 5:00. At the airport our plane left at 8:00 and at 11:00 we were finally in Santander.

Tristán Morán Fernández 1º ESO A

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