In our PIIE: “Un IES para Todos”, this year one of our aims is to make students aware of the importance of Road Safety Education. Road Safety education is part of our programme of education in values. The English Department is part of the development of Road Safety Education in the High school and students in 1º ESO had built a little city with their own hands and  in 3º ESO they have designed some traffic signals with a 3D printer.

Our last purpose is to make a short film about an accident in a city. This will be filmed by students helped by new technologies, their own made city, traffic signals and the language they will use is English. We will use Lego figures for main characters but our students will give them their own voice for the story.

Here we show you some pictures of the making of our short film.

Charla en inglés de Jara al Grupo 2 BC

Jara Martínez Sánchez

(Santander, 1979)

She is a civil engineer and her master was based on the study of coasts and ports. Nowadays, she belongs to a group of researchers who work in “IHCANTABRIA”, a section at university in Cantabria. Their main goal is to study the evolution of water, tides etc… and the impact on the coastal areas. 

It has been a great pleasure to receive Jara Martínez Sánchez in Augusto G. Linares Highschool. On 12th February, Jara gave a lecture in English to 1º and 2º Bach students. Her lecture was about the measures human beings could adopt to avoid the impact of tsunamies, hurricanes, clyclones… on coastal areas, highlighting the importance of the different measures human beings can develop to avoid a real disaster.

She shows her presentation so clearly that our students could understand her message easily. They interact with her during her talk and she makes them be aware of the hazards living around us in a very fresh way and from a very practical point of view. 



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